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    Professional Cybersecurity Course

    As a large number of businesses are hacked regularly, the need for professional cybersecurity experts is viciously increasing. According to Researches, Jobs in cybersecurity will continue to rise 31% through 2029, over seven times faster than the 4% job growth nationally. So, there won’t be a better time to get trained and map your career to go pro in this field. This eight-week ethical hacking course is divided between instructional materials and lab classes designed especially for both IT professionals and those who have no prior knowledge in IT. If you want to become an ethical hacker, this is where you kick start!

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    Corporate Training

    A business needs to stay up to date with the best use and understanding of the digital tools and assets (websites, social networks, mobile devices, and cloud platforms) to stay afloat in this era of rapidly evolving technologies. If your business executives are properly trained to spot cyberattacks like phishing, ransomware, and social engineering, it creates a sense of empowerment throughout the office, where employees can access and exchange data both internally and externally. This cybersecurity training for employees is designed by experts with the right certifications, who will provide all the need-to-knows about the security controls of your business.

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    Law Enforcement training

    Local, state, or federal agencies are always under cyber threats as they possess the most critical information about a nation. Also, the general public more often than not turn to them for any sort of cybercrime. Hence, their IT security unit must be trained and up-to-date with the current hacking technologies to not only serve the people but also to protect themselves. Techforing training courses are designed to assist law enforcement personas by providing useful operational knowledge to those they serve. Under their guidance, they will be able to sharpen their cybersecurity skills and feel more confident about solving the most vicious cybercrimes.

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    Educational Institutes

    Schools, colleges, and universities tend to have large online user bases. Even then, the investment in the IT section is often too limited with flawed cybersecurity controls, which makes these playgrounds for hackers. Teachers and other faculty staff have to deal with too many complicated access and permissions that they want to. Our course is designed especially for the students and faculty members in mind, who will learn to not only protect themselves, but they can teach others to defend against potential threats too. The training is completely hands-on with all the necessary tools and techniques discarding the irrelevant ones. Give us a try!


  • Learn from the Experts

    Top-class instructors brooming with confidence, who hold C|EH, CHFI, CISA, CISSP, and Security+ certifications, will conduct the classes.

  • Skills Development and Assessment

    The trainee will be able to learn about the latest cybersecurity tools and techniques and assess the IT infrastructure of his workplace.

  • Hands on practice

    Virtual labs, assignments, and practice tests are just what you need to stay on track with real-world experiences

  • Industry Recognition

    Collaborating with the best expands your professional network and helps you gain more exposure in the cybersecurity industry.




Industry proven career paths

We’re living in a digitalized world that is growingly becoming vulnerable to cyberattacks. So the demand for a cybersecurity professional is never-ending.

While the ethical hacking course is at the top of everyone’s list these days, there are varieties of roles you can switch from like systems administrator, network engineer, incident responder, IT auditor, penetration tester, etc.

Due to the huge talent gap in this field, companies offer lucrative salaries to entice quality candidates. The starting salary of most cybersecurity jobs ranges from $70,000 to $100,000 per year while the more experienced ones make up to $184,260 per year.

Endless challenges keep the professionals on their toes always, which makes the cybersecurity job interesting. It’s also a matter of pride to some as they get to defend people and organizations against cybercrimes.

Training Delivery option

Onsite Instructor-Led Training

Our Cybersecurity trainers visit corporate houses, company offices, educational institutes, and law enforcement agencies to provide hands-on training.

Online Instructor-Led Training

Suitable for Remotely working employees or anyone unable to attend the onsite training.

self-placed Instructor-Led Training

Online classes are always recorded and shared with the attendees so that you can watch and learn at your own pace if you cannot join the live classes.


Admission Open

Learn from the top cybersecurity experts

Our instructors are some of the best ‘ethical hackers’ in their own right, who earned their reputation globally by serving individuals and businesses for many years. The 8-week course is structured with instructional content and browser-based labs that cover network security, incident response, threat intelligence, vulnerability assessment, endpoint protection, and penetration testing. Now it’s up to you to grab this opportunity to learn from the best!

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The courses help you enlighten on the latest, most happening cyberthreats. Apart from Phishing Attacks, Ransomware, they taught us about other threats and gave us hundreds of tricks to secure an IT system. It was an eye-opening and fruitful session for all of us. Thanks a lot!

Cathy Lumsden (Canada)

Business coaching and counseling, Rhapsody Strategies
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Live Events

We regularly arrange live sessions announcing a new course or module updates. Watch the recorded videos and get notified of the upcoming events here.


TechForing webcasts are live web broadcasts led by cybersecurity experts who bring together the best IT practices, latest techniques to help the enthusiasts in this field.


Here students will find more specified tutorials that complement the topics discussed in the class lectures. It can be in the form of short videos or pdfs effective for instant solutions.

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