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of companies in a global survey were targeted by an SSL or TLS-based attack


ransomware attacks occurred in the first nine months of 2020


more organizations recorded a growth of insider threats in 2018


Fake emails are sent everyday by scammers and attackers

cyber awarness for law enforcement

  • Incident Response & Crime Investigation

    Before forensic investigation, we teach you to immediately contain the damage points in IT breach or security policy violation scenarios.

  • Open Source Intelligence & Data Analysis

    We provide the necessary tactics to extract info on any suspicious act or a person of interest through publicly available data.

  • Hack the Hacker

    We teach LEA to track emails without a Subpoena and a cybercriminal through skype; spoof emails without any software.

  • Sextortion Surge during COVID-19

    Learning about how international agreements fail to track booming sex trafficking industry and to investigate with the help of Facebook

  • Americans lost $20 billion from phone spoofing in 2020

    They will know about issuing a Subpoena to the spoofing entity and criminals’ strategies for untraceable calls, checking voicemails, etc.

  • 251 Law Enforcement websites with Cop data got hacked

    We train on monitoring websites, vulnerability assessment, detecting hidden URLs, extracting user data with and without tools.


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Techforing training courses and certifications will assist sheriffs, patrol officers, local, or state police, commanders, federal agencies, digital forensic investigators, detectives, and prosecutors to not only investigate and develop intelligence but to provide useful operational knowledge to those they serve.

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  • We have cybersecurity experts who earned their reputation globally by serving individuals and businesses with Ethical Hacking, Data Protection, and Privacy Services. They have some of the top security certifications like C|EH, CHFI, CISA, CISSP, Security+. When it comes to ethical hacking, they are some of the finest in this industry. They understand the tech arena and well-versed with all the latest potential cyberthreats that can occur in an organization. Having worked with different cybersecurity projects for Government agencies and industry-leading private companies, they have established themselves as some of the finest in this business.
  • Our computer forensic training for law enforcement will help you find vulnerabilities in the most renowned security systems around. Under their guidance, you will be able to sharpen your cybersecurity skillset.

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  • Batho Motubudi (BOTSWANA)

    Managing Director, Paperchaser Mobile

    Before this session, I was honestly wasn't sure about its' necessity as we already have an IT team in-house. But having talked to them, I leant that the trainers really did a good job. Everyone's happy about the course. The course materials cover the most relevant ones, so I'd say well done!

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As an officer of the law, you may have lots of doubts and confusion about the effectiveness of our training. So, we brought together some of the most common inquiries here as clarifications. Please check out this section and see if your questions are answered.



There are some topics, which require more direct and instantaneous solutions. So we got together some specified tutorials that complement the topics discussed in the training. You can find them here in short videos or pdf formats.



Here, you will find some cybercrime cases, that we investigated and reported following a comprehensive crime investigation procedure. The details are strictly from cybersecurity POV, just enough knowledge to match the cases you face or will be facing in your field of work.

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We regularly publish blogs and webinars on the greatest cyberthreats this world is facing. We are trying to raise awareness of the need for law enforcement leaders to ensure that cybercrime training programs reach the right personnel at the right time.