Cyber threat intelligence (CTI) involves collecting, sharing, and analyzing data related to online threats. At TechForing, we offer a streamlined cyber security threat intelligence service that can save the time and resources of an organization's security teams.

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As one of the market leaders in threat intelligence services, we strengthen your cyber security program with our expert security consulting services.

We focus on different factors that are unique to your organization, such as the vulnerabilities in your security infrastructure, your organization's background, and the threat actors targeting you.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence Components We Offer

Cyber threat intelligence services are a collection of several individual services. These services include:

Threat Intelligence Feed Service

A threat intelligence feed service is a subscription-based service that provides organizations with timely and relevant information about potential cyber threats. We will collect, analyze, and distribute information about emerging and ongoing cyber threats, as well as various security threats like malware, phishing attacks, and advanced persistent threats (APTs).

Persistent Threat Intelligence

Persistent threat intelligence (PTI) is a type of threat intelligence that describes the characteristics, behaviors, and motivations of persistent threat actors. PTI goes beyond traditional threat intelligence and focuses on understanding the threat actors and their motivations.

Crimeware Intelligence Reporting

Crimeware Intelligence Reporting is a security and risk management process where organizations share information about cybercriminal activities with law enforcement and the wider public so that everyone can respond to cyberattacks faster. Crimeware intelligence reporting also helps companies to improve their cybersecurity poster by identifying and mitigating weaknesses in their systems.

Threat Hunting

Threat hunting is a method of cybersecurity that focuses on identifying and investigating potential threats against an organization. It involves searching for indicators of malicious activity, such as anomalies in network traffic or abnormal access to sensitive data.

Digital Footprint Intelligence

Digital Footprint Intelligence determines the footprint of an organization on the web. It assesses the potential risk of compromise for an organization by analyzing digital footprints against a predefined standard.

Threat Infrastructure Tracking

Threat infrastructure tracking is a cybersecurity practice that helps organizations keep track of their digital assets, enabling them to detect anomalies and take corrective measures on time. It also helps them identify existing vulnerabilities and prevent future attacks.


We pinpoint the potential and actual threats to your cyber security system.

We analyze the threats, figure out the motives, quantify the cost, and inform you how it may damage your system.

We take necessary measures to protect your cyber system, including CRM, websites, accounts, and networks.

Our experts will suggest the necessary steps regarding your cybersecurity and protection.

Our intelligence team will investigate all the attempts taken by cyber criminals to damage your system and identify the criminal.

Our security team will collaborate with the law enforcement agency and take necessary action against the criminals if required.



Strategic Threat Intelligence

Strategic Threat Intelligence

Includes national and international socio-economic and political situation analysis to predict future cyber challenges.

Tactical Threat Intelligence

Includes analyzing your cyber system, finding vulnerabilities, fixing bugs, and integrating your whole cyber system to protect against cybercriminals.

Operational Threat Intelligence

Includes factor analysis behind the threat like motives, techniques, and plans of the attackers, and estimates the financial loss for every possible attack.

Cybersecurity Consultation

Our experts will not only provide intelligence services but also provide consultation for your IT team.


Strategic Threat Intelligence

The name explains it all. Locker ransomware locks users out of their computers entirely by locking important files or the entire computer with a ransom demand. They don't usually damage any files, making them the least damaging ransomware.

Crypto ransomware uses a technique called cryptovirology-extortion, encrypting the affected files. The cybercriminals can then threaten to delete the files permanently. Victims can pay the ransom to get a decryption key to restore the deleted files.

Scareware attempts the scare the users into paying the ransom, filling the screen with popups with false claims about the computer being infected with a complex virus or malware, or impersonating law enforcement agencies demanding "fines" for violating a law.

Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) is a service offered by professional hackers to cybercriminals with low technical knowledge. The RaaS model is responsible for the huge rise of ransomware attacks in recent years.

Leakware, also known as doxware threatens to release the data in the public domain and demand a ransom to prevent that from happening. Leakware usually targets businesses since businesses possess a lot of sensitive data.


why Choose us

Wireless technologies do not have the physical restrictions used in conventional wired environments. They make it possible for someone in the lobby, the parking lot, or across the street to have access to a network carrying sensitive financial or corporate data, personal or customer information, competitive data, or trade secrets. Our assessment will help you to identify insecure wireless implementation that puts your organization at risk.

  • Independent : Most cyber security consultants will try to sell you technology or services through companies or contractors they work with. At TechForing, we work independently, and we can guarantee that our best interest is your security, and only your security.

  • Relevant experience: Security is a broad subject with many areas of expertise, and we come with an excellent track record and 15 years of experience and certifications in various types of projects and disciplines.

  • We can learn and adapt: Every customer has different priorities, operational needs, and threat concerns. Ordinary security solutions don't work effectively for every kind of customer. We learn, adapt, and come up with creative customized solutions that fit your unique environment and culture

  • We know your adversaries: We have an in-depth idea of how cybercriminals operate. This knowledge informs every recommendation we make and ensures that the security countermeasures are effective.

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We've been using TechForing's cyber threat intelligence service for over a year, and it's been an essential component of our cybersecurity strategy. Their reports are always timely, comprehensive, and tailored to our specific needs. Their expertise and dedication have helped us identify and mitigate potential threats before they could cause damage to our organization. We highly recommend TechForing to any business looking for top-notch cyber threat intelligence services.

Daniel Rodriguez

IT Manager - Services
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