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Risk Assessment Services

We are here to detect all the vulnerabilities and potential system risks before malicious entities get a hold of sensitive information related to your organization. Our risk assessment services are top-notch and equipped to detect any and all sorts of security loopholes.

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Regular risk assessments will give you a clear picture of your security status and how well-prepared you are against potential risks. Risk assessments can also help your organization upgrade its information security. Otherwise, continued use of a compromised system can lead to security breaches, damaging the reputation of your company.
Risk Assessment Services

What We Access

Web Application
Server & Network
Cloud Infrastructure
API Assessment
Mobile Application
Desktop Application
Data Center
Physical Network

Our Risk Assessment Process

At first, we gather information about our client's networks, security controls, documents, etc.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Aims to collect, analyze, and share data related to online cyber threats and threat actors
Provides a better understanding of emerging cyber threats and the threat landscape
Offers tools that can determine threats to the organization before they can cause damage
Increase general awareness by sharing information about cybersecurity incidents
Helps organizations to create more effective cybersecurity strategies and defenses
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Vulnerability Assessment

Necessary when new equipment is installed or at least once per month
Reveals previously known but unaddressed vulnerabilities
Performed both internally and externally
Provides a comprehensive comparison report between current issues to baseline
Limited to hardware or software weakness detection
Disruption is minimal, so we can evaluate passively
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Penetration Testing

Annual penetration testing is good enough for an organization
Reveals unknown exposures to normal business methods
Performed from outside the organization's premise
Provide a short analysis of how the attack took place and data damages
Reduces an organization's exposure to outside interferences
An active attack occurs with potential disruption
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Why Choose TechForing ?

Why Choose TechForing ?
Red Hat Cyber Security Specialists

Our Security Specialists are CIEH, CISA, CISSP, and Security+ certified. They have more than 15 years of hands-on experience in performing industry-standard external penetration testing.

Manual Auditing
Machine Learning and AI
Cutting-edge Tools & Techniques
Extensive Report

Schedule a meeting with us and our cyber security and compliance experts will get in touch with you. We will assess your situation and provide you with the best course of action.

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Owner, Kingdom Marketing Solutions, Inc.

We were in a deep water when our users could not get access to data. It was difficult to fathom the whats and hows. On top of that someone was asking to get paid and giving threats to leak and erase the data. So we hired Techforing. Their security engineers were prompt in finding the weak link in the system and helped the workstation regain all the data. We felt we got out of jail. GREAT JOB!

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