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Data Breach
Investigation Services

Data breaches within your organization can cause you to face major losses, as well as lose your credibility. TechForing always takes a detailed approach to every data breach scenario and performs a thorough investigation to resolve the matter as soon as possible.
Data Breach Investigation Services

How We Approach A Data Breach Scenario

Our data breach investigation consists of the following steps:

Detecting The Breach

Every investigation begins by detecting the incident. First, we determine if a data breach has occurred, and we do it by looking for different signs of a data breach. There are two types of signs for a data breach incident:precursors and indicators. Precursors carry signs that an incident might occur later, while indicators show an incident that's already happened, or is in progress.

Types of Data Breach We Deal With

Phising Protection


We’ll provide email filters to block suspicious messages and employee training programs to teach individuals how to identify and avoid phishing attempts.


Data breaches on SMBs all over the world


organizations experienced malware activity in 2022


Cyber attacks target small businesses

Why Choose TechForing ?

Why Choose TechForing ?
Unmatched Expertise

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals with extensive hands-on experience in handling large-scale data breach incidents, ensuring prompt and effective resolution.

Advanced Tools
Transparent Process
Results-Driven Pricing
Comprehensive Consultancy

Don't let cyber threats dictate your business. Our rapid response ensures you're always prepared and protected.

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Owner, Kingdom Marketing Solutions, Inc.

We were in a deep water when our users could not get access to data. It was difficult to fathom the whats and hows. On top of that someone was asking to get paid and giving threats to leak and erase the data. So we hired Techforing. Their security engineers were prompt in finding the weak link in the system and helped the workstation regain all the data. We felt we got out of jail. GREAT JOB!

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