Cybercrime is a growing threat in the digital world that is getting widespread with each passing day. It is an umbrella term for a range of illegal activities carried out via computing technology.

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Cybercrime activities are carried out for financial gain (e.g., hacking into someone’s email account to gain access to their bank accounts), or for political purposes (e.g., releasing confidential information that could be used in a blackmail attempt).

Cyber Crime Investigation: Providing Criminal Justice & Online Safety,cyber crime investigation
Cyber Crime Investigation: Providing Criminal Justice & Online Safety,cyber crime investigation


TechForing cybercrime investigators are well experienced to get to the source of leaks or attacks. Our forensics team makes sure that no digital evidence is overlooked. We can help you to recover your hacked accounts or devices and enable you to regain control over your digital life. Topics covered by us include:

  • Cyber Harassment & Bullying

  • Financial Account Hack Recovery

  • Cyber Scamming & Phishing Scams

  • Personal Cyber Crime Investigation

  • Hack Incident

  • Recover Stolen Identity

  • Cyber Security Investigation

  • Social Media Hack Recovery

  • Device Hack Recovery

  • Mobile Forensic Investigation


Cybercrime investigation techniques differ from one case to another since they're all unique. However, recovering file systems from hacked systems, acquiring digital evidence that could be used to prosecute crimes or writing reports for use in legal proceedings are some of the common tasks a computer crime investigator performs. A general workflow of cybercrime investigations is as follows:

Documentation and background check

We'll take the victim's statement regarding the cyber attack, then check the public and private records and databases to learn about the individuals involved in the situation.

Gathering Evidence

Evidence gathering is the most important part of any investigation process. We'll try to gather evidence from the source of the incident and analyze the situation.

Running Digital Forensics

The information gathered from analyzing the evidence helps us to determine whether the suspect was involved in the crime or not.

Tracking Down The Cyber Criminalst

After confirming the criminal's guilt, we work with the internet service provider and telecommunications and network companies to find out which websites and protocols were involved in the incident. However, this can only be done with permission from the court through court orders.


Our team is well-versed in cyber law, computer forensics, and social engineering. Things that set us apart:

  • Certified Experts

    Our cybersecurity experts have more than a decade of experience. Also, they are all certified with CCSP, CISA, and C|EH certifications.

  • 360 Degree Investigation

    To ensure the best possible outcome, we investigate every nook and corner and perform a comprehensive analysis of the whole situation.

  • Assurance of Privacy

    Our services rely on result-driven work and client satisfaction while maintaining 100% confidentiality.

  • Global Market Experience

    TechForing has worked in the Northern American (USA and Canada) cybersecurity market for over a decade.

  • Quick Solution

    By taking immediate actions and thorough analysis, we provide solutions within 24 hours.

  • Trusted By Big Names

    Our client list has corporations like IBM, Google Cloud, The US Army, and many others.

Cyber Crime Investigation: Providing Criminal Justice & Online Safety,cyber crime investigation

what our clients are saying

Cyber Crime Investigation: Providing Criminal Justice & Online Safety,cyber crime investigation

Tim goggin (USA)



A rival tried to defame me by exposing personal moments on public. I was furious at the same time helpless. Needed a quick data removal job. These Techforing people did a standup job not only taking down those, they secured to protect privacy online. Thanks!


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