Information mining is one of the most profitable businesses in the digital age. Companies collect your data to assemble attributes about you and your family members, which is not only invasive but also unnerving. Limit your online presence; select which data stays with you and you only.

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Data brokers & cybercriminals are always mining data from the internet, which includes

  • Your name, signature, address, phone number, date of birth, etc.

  • Email accounts

  • Credit information

  • Bank account documentation

  • Public Records

  • Employment information

  • Photographs

  • Internet Protocol (IP) address

  • Browser history

  • Location data

  • Voice print and facial recognition data

  • GPS data from a mobile device.

Identify, Protect, And Remove Personal Data From The Internet,remove personal data from internet

Prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands, and remove them from the internet with us! TechForing is one of the leading companies that remove personal information from cyberspace. Our privacy experts contact big data broker companies, come to a common ground, and find a permanent way out, thus protecting you from further internet defamation.

How We Remove Your Personal Information from the internet

Data privacy, social media accounts, personal information, search results, delete browser cookies. Google

We scan for our clients' information on search engines, aggregators, and the deep web.

Data privacy, social media accounts, personal information, search results, delete browser cookies. Google

We contact each website and send a removal request to remove your profile. No matter how complex the process is, we convince search engines and big broker sites and persist until they remove your personal information.

Data privacy, social media accounts, personal information, search results, delete browser cookies. Google

We ensure the deleted information never reappears by revisiting the broker sites frequently. We check whether your information shows up on additional sites, or the sites we've already removed from (it happens often). If it happens, we contact them again.

what our clients are saying

  • Needed to remove leaked personal information from some websites. Din't exactly know the URLs, but was sure my data was open for use. So A colleague referred me to them. They listened and worked precisely to ensure those data never shows up anywhere else. Real pleased with them! Way to go!

    phone settings, company access, location history

    Sam P (Australia)

    Spage Pty Ltd

    Network, System Admin

  • A rival tried to defame me by exposing personal moments on public. I was furious at the same time helpless. Needed a quick data removal job. These Techforing people did a standup job not only taking down those, they secured to protect privacy online. Thanks!

    social media profiles, online privacy, account information online, private information

    Tim goggin (USA)




Data brokers crawl and collect people's information from the internet, and build profiles based on their findings. They find this information from online accounts, public records, government websites, social media, and other data brokers.

If your information becomes available online, anyone with access to that information can use that information. You can become a victim of identity theft. Your information can also be sold to data brokers, which can bring you unnecessary issues.t you, it's best to keep them private.

Most people-search websites have an opt-out option that you can follow to have your information removed. Other than that, there are several other ways to remove personal and sensitive information from the web. Some of these steps include: Limiting data collection on Google, sending a request to remove personal information from broker sites & people-search websites, modifying social media account settings to reduce your digital footprint, deleting unused apps and online accounts, etc.

Data brokers and people-search websites collect, list, and sell people's personal data. These websites scrape publicly available information from a variety of sources and create categorized profiles, that they sell to different sources.


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