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Frequently Asked Questions


Personal Cybersecurity means securing your personal digital space on the Internet. It includes securing your personal devices, social media accounts, financial transactions, online communication, home network, and email accounts.

In recent times, personal information breaches and financial hacking incidents are happening continuously. You may not be out of these attacks. Before these kinds of attacks happen to you, the best way is to protect your space. Also, antivirus and internet protection tools cannot give you in-depth protection from HACKERS.

As it is a vast world and every step has different threats, you might need various ways of protection. The best practice will be to take a managed cyber security solution and monitor that. You can also see our Blogs to get more details.

We need to know more about your requirements before we say that. Normally it takes 3 to 5 days and another day to write the report.

All of our auditors are CEH, CISA, CISSP, Security+ certified

Our engineer will connect with your device and provide you the service remotely.

We use both automated and manual testing methods to analyze and remove the hack and secure your digital assets. For tools, we mostly use premium tools and some open-source tools.

About Concierge Cybersecurity

We normally provide the concierge cybersecurity service to High-Net-Worth Individuals like C-level business executives, politicians, and public figures.

We audit and monitor your device, network, online accounts, and online presence regularly. We fix any found issues immediately and notify you. If there is a security risk, we contact you immediately. We provide monthly reports about our work. We also provide training and resources to educate you continuously to keep you up to date about cybersecurity.

We provide the service remotely, in special request service can be provided on-premise.

We provide service that is done by the direct intervention of the engineers. Yes, it is remote and we can provide it from anywhere.

Yes, we can provide the service for your family member’s device, for your home network, your car GPS, etc

We can also cover them under our Business Cybersecurity Service.

About Cyber Investigation

Yes, we can. It needs forensic investigation and you can learn more about our forensic investigation service here (Link).

We can find it if you have taken the service before it got stolen. In some cases, we also assist in finding lost devices if proper measures were taken before it got lost.

If you have a backup in the cloud, we will make sure you can access it.

Trust & Confidentiality

We have been in the market for the last 13 years and we enforce strict policies to make sure our clients’ information remains confidential. We respect and adhere to GDPR compliance and local cybersecurity laws. We also sign NDA and special data agreement policy with all of our clients.
We also don’t store any of the client's data or have access to it except for the service providing time. In any case, if we share your data, if it is proven then we will lose our license to do business and a $10M fine

We are a multinational company and we are working with many prominent institutions and individuals. Also, we have a license and data protection compliance policy. If any of our engineers will do these kinds of unethical things, you can charge us and we might lose our license and business, which we don’t want.

We keep our customer’s privacy and data safe regardless of the requester.

Yes, we are authorized by the Local Government in every country we have branches.

Yes, you can see our clients & testimonials here.


Unfortunately, we don’t provide a trial service.

The pricing is customizable, as it always depends on your requirements. The pricing depends on how many devices, accounts, or systems you want us to secure or assess.

To some extent, normal consumers may find our service a bit expensive. We provide white-glove concierge cybersecurity service to elites. We prioritize quality over quantity. On top of that, we are not selling software but our professional engineers provide the service.

Our regular services are one-time. If you want to take our managed security solution it will be monthly. We will analyze your requirement and based on that we will send you a different quotation.

You can do a bank deposit or you can pay online via Debit/Credit cards, PayPal, and other forms of online payments.

After consulting with us, we’ll provide you an invoice stating your requirements mentioned in the list. You can confirm and pay the invoice from our payment portal.

Do the tools and software come with the service or Do I have to pay extra for it?

No. We take care of the necessary tools. The package is all-inclusive.

If you purchase a monthly managed subscription, then you'll have to renew every month for the continuation of the service.

Post Service

30 days money-back guarantee is provided for special cases.

Refunds can be provided only when the service is not provided. Let's say someone gives an advance payment for 12 months but they want to cancel after 1 month, they will get an 11 months refund if they make a written notice in time. Please contact us for any refund related queries.

If you take our security service, we guarantee. It is also recommended to take a monthly managed security solution because the technology, your applications, devices’ operating systems are continuously updating and hackers are finding new ways to hack every single day.

If we take the responsibility to ensure your security, you will not get hacked. In unlikely events, we shall respond immediately to restore your data and privacy


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