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TechForing is a leading managed security services provider. Our services allow small and medium-sized businesses to detect, protect, and respond to unknown security events. Our best-in-class security monitoring and management ensure that we cover most organizations' fundamental online data protection needs with comprehensive, all-in-one services.
Our Approach

Cybersecurity We Manage


We will take essential steps to maintain your website such as keeping software & plug-ins up-to-date, adding certificates, implementing smart passwords, etc. to protect your website from a security breach.

Network Security

Our managed security services will perform vulnerability scanning on your network and take the necessary steps to ensure that the cybercriminals are out of your network.

Cloud Security

Many businesses store data in prominent cloud vendors like Amazon and Microsoft. Our managed cloud security services will help to protect your data and alert you of nefarious activities.

Server & Data Centers

Servers and data centers require top security to preserve sensitive data. Our managed security services will eliminate known vulnerabilities, keep everything up-to-date, and use the right security tools to report on and protect against digital threats.


Steps For Vulnerability Assessments

TechForing's complete vulnerability assessment services are designed to test your organization's internal and external infrastructure against known vulnerabilities and exposures. You can efficiently fix the issues once you identify vulnerabilities. Our first step is to study the threats that specifically apply to your protected environment. We work from the point of view of an adversary. During this process, we determine all potential avenues adversaries might take to infiltrate, exploit, steal or attack .

External Breach Assessment

Both internal and external threats can cause data theft and disruption of company operations. External breaches happen from vulnerabilities existing between a customer's network and the internet. These include your internet gateways, firewalls, external routers, websites, and cloud environments.

How We Work With Your Security Provider

How We Work With
Your Security Provider

We discuss and assess clients’ requirements and provide the best-fit solutions for threat hunting based on their pain points and business objectives.

Our cybersecurity consultants will train your IT team in understanding and defending against present or imminent cyber dangers.

We can provide remote support to your security in charge through secured video conference calls in case of an emergency.

We deliver monthly reports as per the deal with individual businesses. Our hands-on solutions are always available to download.

Why Choose TechForing ?

Why Choose TechForing ?
Comprehensive Protection, Without the Overhead

We handle your entire cybersecurity infrastructure so you can focus on your core business, without the need for a dedicated in-house security team.

Proactive, Multi-Layered Defense
Expert Guidance and Support
Transparent Reporting and Communication
Proven Track Record and Client Satisfaction

Take the complexity out of cybersecurity. Our solutions cater to SMBs and enterprises, ensuring plug-and-play ease and robust protection.

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Owner, Kingdom Marketing Solutions, Inc.

We were in a deep water when our users could not get access to data. It was difficult to fathom the whats and hows. On top of that someone was asking to get paid and giving threats to leak and erase the data. So we hired Techforing. Their security engineers were prompt in finding the weak link in the system and helped the workstation regain all the data. We felt we got out of jail. GREAT JOB!

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With our cyber experts, ransomware response team, file recovery experts trusted ransomware removal experts, and years of experience, we know that we can help your business with ransomware, malware removal, and file recovery.
TechForing provides a wide range of cybersecurity services to protect your business from cyber threats.
TechForing supports a variety of cyber threats, including ransomware, malware, and data breaches.
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